About US

Our goal is to deliver technology solutions that provide your business with a lasting strategic value. Beginning with critical program management skills and architectural expertise to ensure that your projects remain aligned with enterprise goals. Our program and technology management team works to ensure the deployment of solution, which are future-proof and implemented with best practices in place. We manage technology projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required service levels and provide adequate opportunity for future growth one they enter production. Some of our services include:

  • ICT consultancy
  • System Integration
  • Total Outsourcing Services

  •  ICT Consultancy

    Our ICT consultancy services lies within several areas:

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
  • ICT Project Evaluation, Monitoring and Surveys
  • e-Government and ICT Strategy Building
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Web And Application Development

  •  System Integration

    We offer System Integration expertise to support software, hardware, network and application development projects. Our capabilities also extend beyond the primary system platforms to open-source system and specialized hardware and software implementation which require proprietary knowledge and domain expertise.

     Hardware and Software Integration

    We provide a complete range hardware and software components for small, medium and major projects. We work with major international and local vendor to provide right sized, scalable and robust systems infrastructure for our clients.

     Network Integration

    We provides network solutions, network and communication services and data communication consultancy and build network infrastructure. We also provide security consultancy and security reviews for both the Government and Private Sectors. We work with major networking vendors to bring our clients these offerings.

     Software Development

    Our team includes the following skill sets crucial to the success of your software and application development projects:

  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Writing
  • User Interface Designer
  • Data Administrators
  • Quality Control Expert

  •  ICT Security Services

    Our teams of security specialists are able to:

  • Carry out threats and vulnerability assessments of systems and networks
  • Give advice on Internet access and usage policies
  • Design and implement firewalls to protect corporate resources
  • Integrated antivirus solutions to protect vital information and databases
  • Provide security consultancy services
  • Administer security software
  • Provide communications security
  • Provide disaster recovery
  • Conduct security training program

  •  Total Outsourcing Services

    Why outsource? The reason is clear – ICT outsourcing frees you from heavy investment. Besides, by letting us manage you ICT requirements, you can focus on what you do best – running your business. You also lower your ICT support costs by using automation tools, standardized operating procedures and optimized computer manpower resources. ICT outsourcing also provides you with a valuable competitive edge by giving your organizations access to the latest and most advanced technology.

     Desktop/Server Management

    Outsourcing your enterprises desktop and server management solutions dramatically reduce the cost and time of administering your computing assets. By providing you with tools that control and continuously monitor remote server and desktop, they ensure you have information you need to manage your system proactively. You can now share our knowledge and experience to create a powerful, cost effective solution tailored to your specific requirements and business objectives.

    The outsourcing solutions of your desktop and server management will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Reduce the burden of day-to-day administration
  • Gain centralized control of distributed system
  • Put enterprises management at your fingertips
  • Choose the right technology for your enterprise
  • Maximize the value of your desktop and server management

  •  XML Web Services

    Web Services will be the main building block of the next generation e-business system. The addition of web services to the e-business platform will help organizations integrate processes with partners more quickly and efficiently, and adapt those processes more rapidly as the competitive environment changes.

    We help potential clients by demonstrating the usage of XML web services and Microsoft .Net technologies. We provide business application consultancy to assist clients in mapping out their business needs and advise on how web services can be used to achieve their business goals. Our services and solutions aim to provide a great capability of facilitating the flow of data among applications and heterogeneous system, thus enabling businesses to provide better and more services.

    Our offering includes:

  • Consultancies, design, develop; implement Microsoft .Net solutions, web services
  • Initiate, drive, collaborate businesses to provide connected solutions, information to users, consumers any time, any place and any time
  • Portal, single point of access solutions to enable and re-use interoperable services over the Internet and corporate Intranets